Arizona Housing Fund Project Application

Arizona Housing Fund Project Application

The Arizona Housing Fund is a dedicated and sustainable revenue source that grants funding to nonprofit agencies that build and operate Permanent Supportive, Low-Income and Working Poor Housing. Our equity grants will enable more housing units to be constructed, meeting the growing needs of our communities in Arizona with the goal of reducing the number of people experiencing homelessness.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Phoenix is a partner of the Arizona Housing Fund providing underwriting and other services to the fund. LISC Phoenix is collecting and processing this application. All communication about your application will come from a LISC Phoenix program officer. 
There is currently $500,000 available in the fund. Funding is distributed on a first come, first served basis for mission-aligned projects. 
The Arizona Housing Fund is intended for permanent supportive housing projects that serve the most vulnerable individuals and families earning up to 30% AMI. 
An eligible applicant must be a non-profit affordable housing developer, owner or operator with at least 5 years of experience managing and operating sustainable supportive housing.

Prospective applicants may pre-qualify by completing the RFQ form or by meeting the following criteria: 
  • Have received, in the previous 24 months, grant or loan funding from one of the following entities: LISC, the Arizona Community Foundation Affordable Housing Pre-Development Fund, the Home Matters Arizona Fund, Arizona Department of Housing, or an Arizona county, municipality or IDA.
  • Be in good standing with that grantee and/or lender and current on loan payments, if applicable.
Applicants who have not pre-qualified will be asked the qualifying questions within this application. 
Project applications will be reviewed as they are received and this application will remain open as long as the Fund is in existence. 

In addition to completing all questions in the following form, you will be asked to upload the following back-up documentation: 
  • Comprehensive Community Development Plan, if applicable (form page 3)
  • MOUs or similar agreements partners, if applicable (form page 6)
  • Construction budget (form page 6)
  • Brief construction timeline (form page 6)
  • Sources & uses statement (form page 6)
  • Proof of all committed financing (form page 6)
  • Project pro forma, if applicable (form page 6)
  • Financial Statements for the most recent year for pre-qualified developers, or three years for all others (form page 6)
Please review the checklist of organizational, financial and project information documents that LISC may request later in the process.  

You can navigate through the form without completing required answers. Use the links at the top or bottom of the form to save your application and return to it. Applications will not be reviewed until they are complete and submitted. 
            Contact with questions about this application or grant requirements. 
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            Page 2: Applicant Information

            Developers may be pre-qualified based on their experience or using the RFQ process [add link]. If you have not been pre-qualified, you will be asked to answer the RFQ questions within this application.
            Application Information
            Primary Contact

            Page 3: Applicant Profile

            Development Experience
            Comprehensive Community Development Guiding Documents

            Page 4: Project Narrative

            In no more than 1,000 words: 
            • Tell us about your project and the community needs it serves. 
            • What permanent supportive services will be provided to residents? Who will provide the supportive services, if known? If services providers are not yet identified, tell us about who you have worked with to provide services at your other communities.
            • What need will this grant funding fulfill? 

            Page 5: Project Information

            Funding Request
            Project Location
            Project Description
            Select all that apply.
            Select all that apply.
            Select all that apply.
            Select all that apply.
            Breakdown of Units by AMI
            Enter 0 if none.
            Breakdown of Units by Type
            Enter 0 if none.
            Square Footage
            Enter 0 if none.
            Site Information

            Page 6: Upload Supporting Documents

            Include the applicant name as the start of all file names. Accepted files types are .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx.  
            Project Documentation
            Applicant Financial Information
            Click "SUBMIT" to complete your application. You will not be able to edit the application after it has been submitted. A copy will be emailed to you at address you provided.