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The Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Incubation Academy aims to help small to mid-size community-based organizations scale their capacity to address the County’s shortage of much-needed treatment and services for justice-involved individuals. As the County shifts its focus away from incarcerating low-level offenders and toward providing care and services when appropriate, these community-based organizations are crucial to its success. These are the organizations that will provide beds to those in mental health crises, help rehouse homeless people, provide treatment and counseling to those who are diverted from possible incarceration, and find employment and other services.


The ATI Incubation Academy will train participants in areas such as fiscal management, contract compliance, court/program reporting, and how to contract with the County of Los Angeles. It will also help those that don’t have the infrastructure to meet the rigorous and sometimes burdensome County regulations, develop more internal administrative capacity.   

We especially encourage participation from organizations serving or led by individuals of color including Black, Latinx, or other under-represented groups such as justice-involved individuals. Selected organizations should have programmatic capacity to provide housing, assessment, case management, or mental health/substance abuse treatment services to justice-involved individuals, in order to divert or remove them from the justice system at the earliest opportunity.

To be considered for an ATI Incubation Academy cohort, p
lease complete the following questionnaire as thoroughly as possible. Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) staff will follow up directly with the individual completing the questionnaire if additional information is required. The estimated completion time is 30 minutes.

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