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Thank you for your interest in working with LISC to ensure all regional geographies and target communities throughout California can access the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.


As part of this effort, LISC is implementing a three-tiered engagement strategy to offer multiple pathways to provide assistance that will engage people with the level of support necessary to benefit from the Program. This strategy is designed to acknowledge and address the barriers of individuals who may qualify for assistance and to successfully benefit. 

The tiers are focused on: 1) promotion of the program; 2) targeted outreach to eligible households; and 3) technical assistance to provide guidance to individuals as they navigate the application process.


Within each tier, LISC will work with a diverse set of Housing Stability Services partners to carry out the associated tasks, recognizing the higher touch that will be required as the work gets closer to the applicants, along with increased importance of cultural competency, language translation, and regional situational awareness.

Eligible Organizations
Eligible Organizations

1. Registered non-profits and quasi-government entities providing services to residents in communities served by this program

2. Must have an EIN

3. Must have a DUNS number

4. Must be active on the CA Secretary of State website

5. Must be registered on SAM website

6.    If applicable, non-profits must have actively filed 990 Forms

Organizations that do not have the above information are not eligible for Tier 2 and Tier 3 partnership but may still apply under the Tier 1 program.

Partner Activities

TIER 1 – Promotion

Partners who engage at the Tier 1 level will agree to broadly push out information about the program through such mechanisms as outreach to contacts in their databases, social media accounts, and networks. Tier 1 partners will receive an extensive social media kit, including flyers, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter-ready visuals, program quotes, talking points, and more. These materials will be made available in the languages that are appropriate to the places where the information will be disseminated and will be informed by local Language Access Plans and the requirements to provide translated materials in languages spoken by >5% of the population in that given geography as directed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Examples of Tier 1 partners may include: utility companies, housing authorities, CA Apartment Associations, regional and statewide associations, affinity/membership groups including ethnic chambers of commerce, housing organizations, faith-based associations and the State Continuum of Care Network.   

Tier 1 Partner Expectations

Tier 1 Partners will be required to document their activities in support of the program, and at a minimum should expect to provide the following level of effort:


1.    Eblasts to database 2 times a month for 7 months

2.    One social media post per week for 7 months

3.    Announce at community convenings 3 times per month for 7 months

4.    Conduct outreach programming in-language per contract

5.    Attend weekly engagement meetings


TIER 2 – Promotion and Outreach

Partners who engage at the Tier 2 level will provide specific targeted outreach coupled with general education on the application process. LISC will use data analysis to target census tracks with populations at 80% and below AMI (and as a subset those with populations at or below 50% AMI) and identify areas with digital equity gaps to inform our outreach strategy. 

To ensure reach to rural areas and under-served populations that may have limited technology resources, Tier 2 partners may also provide direct localized outreach, including “circuit riders” that will canvass neighborhoods and rural communities in mobile units, and outbound call centers to ensure coverage of the messaging to people who rely on telephone communications. As with our Tier 1 partners, Tier 2 partners will receive an extensive social media kit, as well as content and training material to host multiple informational sessions. Some information sessions may be conducted in-person if needed and will adhere to the COVID-19 State guidelines in relation to office workspaces. All materials and presentations will be made available in multiple languages appropriate to the community.

Examples of Tier 2 partners may include: housing authorities, advocacy and affinity organizations, and local nonprofit organizations.

Tier 2 Partner Expectations

Tier 2 Partners will be required to document their activities in support of the program, and at a minimum should expect to provide the following level of effort:

1.       All activities required of Tier 1 Partners

2.       Circuit Rider Door Step Appointments (all collected information will be uploaded to the technology portal daily)

3.       Conduct literature drops in digitally remote areas

4.       Conduct outreach programming in-language per contract

TIER 3 – Promotion and Technical Assistance 

We recognize that lower-income families and small landlords, especially in rural communities, face challenges with internet access and navigating online technology.  Our experience with and review of direct assistance programs has made clear that being able to provide intensive, one-on-one assistance to applicants is critical for equitable outcomes. For this reason, the technical assistance strategy will focus on helping shepherd individual applicants through the process of submitting their application for assistance. Applicants need assistance will utilize a call center to schedule appointments with one of our Tier 3 partners, including in-person if need be. Proactive follow-up to applicants that have missing documents and/or need additional assistance obtaining the required documentation will ensure successful application completion.

Tier 3 Partner Expectations

Tier 3 Partners will be required to document their activities in support of the program, and at a minimum should expect to provide the following level of effort:

1.       All activities required of Tier 1 Partners

2.       In person appointments in-language

3.       Document drop-off center

4.       Conduct outreach programming in-language per contract

5.       All collected information will be uploaded to the portal daily

Application Process: Complete applications will be required for full applicant review. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For applications to be considered in the first round of review, they must be complete and submitted by 3:00 PM PST on Monday, February 22nd, 2021. Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis after the priority deadline.

Privacy: Information provided through the application process is the responsibility of each applicant. Applications submitted to the portal remain confidential to the general public and any fellow applicants. Applicants will not hold LISC, its affiliates, members, partners, and staff liable for any losses, damages, costs, or expenses, of any kind relating to the use or the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of any information loaded in the form. For further information please see LISC’s privacy policyData entered on this secure form utilizes FormAssembly.  More info.

Conflict of Interest: Current directors, officers, employees, and contractors of LISC and such individuals' family members (spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and spouses of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren) are not eligible to apply or seek an award.

Publicity: If awarded, please be advised that the business/applicant’s application information, name, statements, and other information provided during the award process may be used for promotional purposes in all forms and media and the business/applicant may be contacted by LISC and/or the program sponsors for such purposes. Applicant grants to LISC and the program sponsors a perpetual license to use such information without additional compensation (except where prohibited by law), and without any right to review and/or approve such content. Until notified, applicants must agree not to share any status as a finalist publicly, including but not limited to all social media platforms, news media, or local publications.

Submission Guidance: It is recommended that before completing and submitting the online form, respondents save their answers in a separate backup document, as your work may not be saved if you leave the web page before submitting the application. You may also lose your work if your internet is disconnected, or as a result of other potential web browser issues. We cannot accept changes to your application once it has been submitted, so please review it carefully. 

Please have the following list of documentation ready to input and/or upload within this application:

1. Tax ID Letter from IRS
2. Articles of Incorporation
3. W-9 (October 2018 form version)
4. DUNS Number
5. Nonprofit (tax exempt) status letter from the IRS
6. Most recent audits (2018 and 2019)
7. Most recent 990 (2019)
8. 2020 financial statement
9. List of current owners/board members
10. Documentation of Good Standing with California Secretary of State
11. Proposed program budget
You will see a confirmation page after successful completion of this application.

2. Applicant Information

Tier 1 - Promotion

If Tier 1 - Promotion, please specify how your organization will complete each activity:

Tier 2 - Promotion and Outreach

If Tier 2 - Promotion and Outreach, please specify how your organization will complete each activity:

Tier 3 - Promotion and Technical Assistance

If Tier 3 - Promotion and Technical Assistance, please specify how your organization will complete each activity:

Tier 1, 2 and 3 - Promotion, Outreach and Technical Assistance

If Tiers 1, 2, and 3 - Promotion, Outreach and Technical Assistance, please specify how your organization will complete each activity:

Don't know? Check on the website here:

Entity Information 
Please be ready to provide information for the executive director.
Executive Director Information

Entity Information

Alternative Entity Information

Additional Entity Information

Socioeconomic Data

The next portion of the survey requests socioeconomic data related to the executive director and it is optional. Please provide information based on how the executive director self-identifies.

Board/Owner Data

Populations Served
Populations Served


Grant and Budget Information  

It is recommended that you save your application prior to uploading attachments. Please upload the following documentation. Note that a maximum of 25 MG of data may be uploaded and larger files may impact your ability to submit the application. Limit uploads to PDF files and minimize use of photos of documents.

If your organization does not have a DUNs number, please register here:

If your organization does not have a SAMs number, please register here:
Thank you for your interest in the California ERAP Partner Application. We will be unable to process any grant application without agreement to the terms and conditions. If you have questions or clarifications, please email us at with "Partnership Application" in the subject line. Continue to monitor for updates on additional resources and programs.

Final Step: Please review the information below, e-sign and submit your application:

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If your organization is selected as a finalist, you will be notified via email. 

For general questions, please check page regularly for updates, or email with "Partnership Application" in the subject line. Additionally, an informational webinar will be held on Thursday, February 18th at 2:30 pm PST
For data security questions, please review LISC’s Privacy Policy